How Anatabloc Has Helped Others

I hope you’re as delighted as I am to find others who found safe, affordable relief with Anatabloc. One issue (of the many) the FDA found fault in on Anatabloc’s website was the appearance of customer/user “Testimonials.”

Testimonials are a very powerful tool in the art of persuasion. While in some ways it defies reason that the FDA would object to their use (potential consumers like to hear what others who have taken the supplement have experienced) in the sales of supplements – it does make sense to me. Allowing testimonials opens the door to possible fraud and public manipulation far too wide. While Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals is run by highly educated, serious scientists of the highest integrity – sadly, no one can say that’s the norm.

Below is Rosie’s Story told in Video:

Here at Bring Back we aren’t selling anything. Well, we are offering hope – but it’s free of charge to everyone.

Here YOUR STORY is valued as an important part in our efforts to demand the FDA recognize anatabine as a safe Dietary Ingredient. Anatabine has been part of the human food supply for thousands of years. It’s our great fortune, that today our society’s gained the ability to isolate and extract it from plants.

The human side of the Anatabloc story is critical ballast to an issue that is laden with arcane rules, legal terms, bureaucratic procedure, and demands for quantitative substantiation of all statements. It’s imperative that the people involved in making the decision on the sale of Anatabloc listen to us as we SHARE OUR STORIES.

Our modern society now places a great emphasis on quantitative data. Medical science is very much a part of this trend. We sadly live in an era of “conspicuous skepticism,” with a strong dose of liabilityo-phobia. Recently the New York Times put this issue on the front page of its Sunday Review section, click here to view article.

The writer states, “we have entered an era to which a narrow, demanding version of evidence-based medicine prevails.” And that evidence is all too often solely ‘numbers’.”

The FDA states for its part, the public long and well remembers the products it slips up on – but receives little praise for their successful work carrying out their enormous mandate to ensure the health and safety of Americans on so many levels. This new era brings a whole new meaning to the adage, “Safety in Numbers.”

Ask any psychologist and they’ll tell you, a state of anxiety reduces the human capacity to listen and process what is being communicated. The scientist who will make the most beneficial impact on humanity will be the one who is equally proficient in observing, calculating and listening. Our physical existence and the infinite mysteries of how it works cannot be reduced solely to numbers. In today’s world, courage will be essential to anyone who aspires to achieve the goal of creating a beneficial impact on humanity.

Let’s give the FDA Regulators and our Congressional Representatives reason to have courage. PLEASE USE THE FORM TO THE RIGHT TO SHARE YOUR STORY:

Arthritis cured

I had stopped all of my hobbies because of hand arthritis. I actually started taking anatabloc for knee and ankle pain. With anatabloc, knee and ankle pain disappeared and then, to my surprise, my hands started working again, and my noisy neck became silent! I just finished buying expired anatabloc on ebay at almost a $1 a pill b/c even taking feverfew, boswellia, an expensive joint medicine, changing to a more anti-inflammatory diet, (you know spending hours studying and long and short chain fatty acids) I have not been able to cobble together the results I have with 8-10 anatabloc a day. I would say that by far, the largest stressor in my life is the dwindiing supply of anatabloc I have. It looks like RCPI may go bankrupt, and I wonder if we could crowdfund an effort to gain the patent and bring it back to market. We can add mint and call it a breath freshener. Whatever it takes to bring it back.

Frances Fabian