In honor of International Autism Awareness Month, support Rosie and help Bring Back Anatabloc!

What is Anatabloc and why do we want to bring it back?

The answer starts with Rosie’s Story…

Rosie, my daughter, was a happy, easily engaged child with emerging language and age-appropriate social skills. Then she gradually drifted away from us and was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in 2001.

Bringback Anatabloc, Rosie's Story

Rosie is on the left.

One morning, after a particularly brutal transition from home to school – I decided it was time to try the anti-inflammatory, Anatabloc. After determining the safety of a supplement, and tasting it to decide if I can get it in her or not (Rosie does not swallow any medication, so taste is critical), I’ll give it a try to see if it produces any discernible, positive affect on her.

There was no way to predict what an anti-inflammatory would do for her.

That same year I’d created charts to carefully track almost every aspect of Rosie’s behavior, biological processes, and external events that could have an impact on her day-to-day functioning. The charts made it easy to see the stunning effect the Anatabloc had on Rosie. By November of 2013 it was possible to completely take her off the atypical antipsychotics.

Dr. Cartwright himself was amazed. There was no mistaking it – the Anatabloc stopped Rosie’s violent “rages.”

In August 2014, under pressure from the US Food & Drug Administration, the company behind this anti-inflammatory voluntarily suspended sales of the product in the US. Click here to learn more about Anatabloc and the FDA.

For Rosie (and many others) this IS a crisis.

Inspired by Rosie’s story, we specifically demand that the FDA revisit it’s decisions on the dietary supplement Anatabloc and ask you to help us by SIGNING THE PETITION and sharing Rosie’s story along with your story!

Read Rosie’s full story.