Originally, I had an interest in investing in startup biotech stocks. I researched the company Star Scientific and its patented compound anatabine citrate and found compelling evidence from multiple reliable sources, that this compound was a safe and effective anti-inflammatory agent with far reaching applications.
Since I was a 60+ y/o male with some arthritis issues in my hands and back, I decided to try the supplement before investing. Soon after starting a 10mg/day dose regime I noticed improvement in my arthritic symptoms. To quote the famous golfer Freddy Couples, who was a user and promoter of Anatabloc, “I just feel better!”. In my opinion, the effect of lowering low level inflammation which accompanies the aging process is the reason for his statement “I just feel better!” which I also experienced.
I took Anatabloc for a couple of years with good results until it was no longer available. And, like many, fearing the company was under attack from the FDA, competitors, and manipulation from wall street, I stockpiled as much Anatabloc as I could. Eventually my supply ran out and my investment was lost to, in my opinion, corrupt and/or grossly incompetent non market forces.
Although my benefits from taking Anatabloc were a relief to me, I have read many testimonials from people with far more serious conditions than mine who have received far more beneficial relief from their symptoms than I . The combination of many anecdotal testimonies and many credible scientific papers written on this subject make a compelling argument for restoring this supplement to the marketplace.
Not only should this supplement be brought back to market, But, In addition, an investigation should be conducted into just how such an important and sought after product became unavailable. It seems very suspicious to me that there are many many categorically similar supplements available that are far less safe and effective than Anatabloc.